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Learn Intraday Trading Courses in Mumbai at AALAP Coaching Classes Online and Offline with Minimal Fees

intraday trading classes online

If you have low investment capacity but want to achieve big profit, start with intraday trading, boost confidence, earn money and then shift to long-term investments. Enroll Intraday Trading Courses in Mumbai to learn intraday trading at AALAP Institute where online and offline classes available as per your convenience

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Delta Neutral

Arbitrage in options

Sessions - 30  |  Tests - 3  |  Prelims - 1  |  Final Exam - 1


Equity Derivative

From Basics to Advance

Sessions - 30  |  Tests - 3  |  Prelims - 1  |  Final Exam - 1

Learn Intraday Trading Courses in Mumbai with AALAP Coaching Classes

Intraday, as the name suggests, refers to something done on a daily basis. In the context of trading, it means squaring off your position the same day you enter the trade. You either buy or sell specific underlying assets to make a profit and close your position.


Day trading, due to its profit-making character, offers profit daily. Further, it also eliminates the overnight risk on the asset. Though having so many advantages of Intraday trading, people still make losses; the reason is poor planning and lack of market understanding. So start learning Intraday Trading Courses in Mumbai online to make profit in stock market.


The Intraday Trading Classes in Mumbai are suitable for traders, investors, and those who have some knowledge of stock trading and want to earn or any enthusiast looking for a passive income. The Intraday Trading Courses in Mumbai by AALAP will help you reach your daily trading goals. AALAP also offers Intraday Trading Classes Online, so if you are unable to adjust your schedule, you can choose online classes for your ease. Know the fees for the courses and other details by registering with us online.

The objective of the Intraday Trading Classes in Mumbai

The core objective of the Intraday Trading Courses in Mumbai is to educate, train and develop the necessary skills for trading various securities in the market on a daily basis.


Language of the course : The teaching language will be English and Hindi for better understanding, but the material provided will be completely in English.

Highlights Intraday Trading Course with Fees

  • Get the certification after completion of the course

  • Simulation training, based on various factors affecting the market.

  • Price action analysis for setting up intraday

  • Swing trading strategies

  • Live Practical’s based on Intraday terminal

  • Note: Please get in touch with our representative to know the Intraday Trading Course Fees.

 intraday trading course fees

The syllabus of the Intraday Trading Course and Fees

At AALAP, the syllabus of the Intraday Trading Courses in Mumbai includes the following :

  • What is Intraday trading?

  • Gain confidence by removing any prejudice regarding trading.

  • How to use and analyze the data from various screeners.

  • High beta Stock strategy, open-to-attack strategy, Industry strategy and the most famous 9:30 strategy.

  • Introduction to commodity and forex markets.

  • Money management along with risk management.

  • Profiting from small moves.

  • Learn when to enter and exit the trade; that is, plan your trade.

  • The most important is how to select the best stock for intraday trading.

What will you gain by Intraday Trading Courses in Mumbai ? Or what are the benefits of Intraday Trading Classes in Mumbai?

  • After taking Intraday Trading Classes in Mumbai Online or offline, trainees will be able to select the best stock for intraday trading.

  • Will know when to enter the trade and exit the trade

  • Will learn the best strategies for trading with minimal fees

  • Will no longer require tips from third-party websites or broker

  • After successfully and sincerely completing this Intraday Trading classes in Mumbai, you will be on the list of top traders as one of the top intraday traders.

  • Intraday trading offers high returns.

  • Provides the platform to learn and gradually move towards long-term investing.

  • Profits are high with low or minimum commission charges.

  • High chances of capital gains by even small market fluctuations.

So, grab your phone, call us today on 8657428371 or send us an email at and book your seat for Intraday Trading Courses in Mumbai Online to start with; you may later join us on weekends for practical’s. Do not waste time because, in the meantime, you might lose a few best profit opportunities.

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