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Delta Neutral
(Arbitrage in Options)

Basic Equity Trading to Delta Trading in Option

Become a successful trader and a smart investor!

Learn Options Pricing, Options Greek & Options Strategy from 12 Years experienced trainer having 15 years of trading experience.

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Why should you take Delta Neutral Course?

  • Learn everything from basic of Future & Options Trading to Options Pricing, Options Greeks & Options Strategies.

  • Learn Greeks & Volatility Based Strategies like: Short Gamma, Delta Neutral & Volatility Spread.

  • Get deep knowledge of Fund Management, Risk Management & Greek Management.

  • Learn theories like Open Interest, Volatility Sigma Range & Dispersion theory to take better decisions in Live Market Trading.

Delta Neutral Course Offers Following Benefits:

Certificate of Completion

Risk-free Trading

Hedging against Losses

Flexibility of Delta Trading

Low Investment, High Returns

Make unlimited strategies of Options & Futures

Course Offerings

trader indicator

Technology-based Education


Intraday Master Course


Delta Analysis Positional Course


Special NIFTY/BANK NIFTY Training


Separate Computer System for each learner

Session Details

Comprising of 30 lectures,
class tests, preliminary & final exam
1.5 Months
Weekly Batches
Monday to Friday - 5 PM to 7 PM
Weekend Batches
Saturday & Sunday
10 AM
 to 2 PM

Who can enroll?

  • Anyone interested in option trading

  • Anyone who wants to create an additional income from the financial market

  • Forex, stock, futures & options traders

  • Graduates, Businessman, Working Professionals

  • Fresher to the stock market

Course Syllabus

Delta Neutral course consists of over 23 modules starting from

Basic Equity Trading to Delta Trading in Options!


Stocks & Options Trading

  • Introduction to share market

  • Option trading

  • Option trading-calculations & case studies

  • Class test-1, Results & Discussion


Greeks - Delta, Gamma, Theta, Vega, Rho

  • Introduction to Greeks and how to use it in trading?

  • Premium calculation and affecting factors

  • Delta, Theta & Vega

  • Volatility, Gama & RHO

  • Greeks Relationship with ATM,ITM and OTM

  • Class test-2, Results & Discussion


Bull & Bear Spread

  • 7 types of bull spread

  • Bear Spread and its types

  • Neutral Spread and its type

  • Importance of spread, calculations, and practicals

  • Class Test-3, Results & Discussion


Hedging & Arbitrage in Options Trading

  • Hedging, earn from options arbitrage & netting

  • Overnight positions in the Option contract

  • Hedging a position using strategies-Part 1

  • Hedging a position using strategies-Part 1

  • Preliminary Exam


Trading Mistakes & Life Experiences

  • How to lock your Positions

  • Importance of discipline over emotions

  • 7 mistakes of my trading journey- Darshan Parekh

  • News affecting stock volatility

  • Expense, Interest & margin calculation- Part 1

  • Expense, Interest & margin calculation- Part 2

  • How to trade in weekly options?


Final Certification Exam

  • Exam Result & Discussion

  • Farewell

Mastering Delta Neutral Strategies & Achieving a Balanced Portfolio through


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