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Algo Analytiq Learning & Practise

Learn the secrets of trading used by the Top 1% Expert traders

To control the portfolio risk and earn profit

Delta Trading is the way

क्यूँकि डेल्टा ट्रेडिंग भी सही है!!

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If you are doing something and getting failure every time, then you need to stop doing the same thing & need to learn the new thing.

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हर एक ट्रेडर को Delta Trading क्यों सीखना चाहिए ?

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Delta Trading से आप long term holdings को खोले बिना आपके profit को सुरक्षित रख सकते है।

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Delta Trading  करने से आप अपने portfolio को stock price में होने वाले विपरीत Ups & Downs से  सुरक्षित रख सकते  है।

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Delta Trading  करने से आपके  portfolio का directional risk कम हो जाता है। 

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Delta Trading  करने से आपके  portfolio का consistantly profitable रख सकते है।

What is 

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Algo Analytiq Learning and Practice (AALAP) is a Surat Delta trading Institute that provides full-fledged course for stock market trading for novice and experienced traders. 

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With the right option strategies, a trader can earn consistent income with reduced risk, irrespective of the market conditions. 

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Through the best online stock trading courses for beginners by AALAP, you will get to learn the exact strategies and tricks to conquer the market.

 AALAP- The Best Delta Trading Institute to learn Delta Trading in हिन्दी and ગુજરાતી

The quality of teaching, on-point learning, and Live trading sessions make AALAP stand out differently than others

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Delta Neutral

Basics of equity trading, options trading, Greeks, bull & bear spread, hedging, arbitrage in
options, trading mistakes most traders do, news
analysis and its effect on the stock.

Equity Derivatives

Fundamentals of equity derivatives, Indices,
forward contract, futures contract, option
contract, Strategies for options,
Portfolio management techniques

Best in class Delta Trading courses offered by

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These expert-designed courses has helped many traders achieve success in their trading careers.

If your traditional trading style gives you more loss than profit then now is the time to learn Delta Trading.
Learn and practice Delta trading by Experts

What makes

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the first choice of every learner?

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Technology-based highest
quality education

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Live Market Training


Expert teachers having more
than 15 years of trading experience

Study Material 1.png

Free Study material

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Gain a Professional

Sessions 1.png

Access to recorded sessions
any time

online teaching 1.png

Online Teaching

doubt sloving 1.png

One to one daily doubt solving

strategies 1.png

Unique strategies to become
consistently profitable trader

fees 1.png

Affordable Fee Structure

attention 1.png

Personal attention to every
learner’s learning pace

module 1.png

Covers each module to pass
basic equity trading exam

Trading Desk 1.png

Get chance to access the live trading environment at AALAPs Trading Desk

Enroll to AALAP and get an opportunity to
trade at AALAP’s
Delta Trading Desk

What is the speciality

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trading desk?

Best in class facilities
to carry out a trading

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Get access to the
hedging tools &
back-office softwares

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Live calculation of
expenses & profits of
your positions and

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High-speed lease line
internet connection.

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computer systems.

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Access to record
sessions any time

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On-the-spot traading strategies isussion & guidance by our share market experts.

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Good premises with
a safe & secure

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Don't loose the opportunity that gives you chance to learn something new in trading.

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Algo Analytiq Learning and Practise

B-304, 3rd floor,

International Trade Center,

Majura Gate Crossing, Ring Road,

Surat - 395002, Gujarat

For Enquiry : Call / Whatsapp


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Disclaimer :

Trading and investing in stocks, options, and/or equities involve risk and are not suitable for all investors. Prior to buying or selling stocks, options, and/or equities a person must read copies of all the risks and disclosures carefully. We do not claim or guarantee direct profit.

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